Just a few answers to questions. Got a question not covered here? Leave us a comment below.

Q. What are your beer influences?

A. Living in Colorado, we have an impressive number of breweries and home brewers, so beer culture is pretty engrained in most aspects of life. I love going out and grabbing a beer at one of the many microbreweries in town or around the state. Several places make crazy, experimental brews that are so much fun to try. That passion to try new things led to trying to make my own beer at home. After experimenting at a low level with small batches a few times over a few years, I decided to upgrade my equipment and get more serious.

In addition to talking with the brewers/owners of various places at local beer festivals, homebrewer web sites & forums gave me the push to play around with my own beers more. The geek icon and homebrewer Wil Wheaton was instrumental in creating the desire to create and share via the web my beer adventures. I’m betting we’ll have a beer commemorating him in the near future.

Q. What are your geeky influences?

A. In addition to King of the Geeks & Homebrewer-in-Chief Wil Wheaton, we have a great number of nerdy passions between us. Movies, TV shows, video games, books, music…I won’t bore you here, but nerd cred? We got that.

Q. Where can I get your beers?

A. If you know me personally, you’ll have opportunities. Otherwise, sorry. Not interested in getting a license at this point since my homebrewing is just in the hobby stage. Not ruling out doing something more official in the future, though.

Q. Where is your brewing facility?

A. Located above 6,000 feet in oppressively-sunny Colorado Springs, we brew exclusively in my kitchen, although fermenting and labeling operations are often completed in my basement. Such is the posh life of a hobby homebrewer.