Sweatered Ensign

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Beer Style:

  Bel-Gin Oaked Rye India Pale Ale
Brew Date:   July 6, 2013
ABV:   7.1%
Grain Bill:  
  • Pilsen LME
  • Honey malt
  • Crystal rye
  • Flaked rye
  • Flaked wheat
  • Palisade (first wort hop)
  • Sterling
  • Ahtanum
  • Sterling (dry hop)
  • Cascade (dry hop)
Bottle Date:   March 16, 2013
Tasting Notes:


Our tribute to the Geek Prince of Homebrewing is a complex beer. Racked onto sweet orange peel, juniper berries and French oak cubes that we’d soaked in Hendrick’s Gin. A bit over-carbonated, but worth the time it takes to settle.