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Beer Style:


Paragon: Vanilla Bourbon Oaked Cerberus-sian Imperial Stout

Renegade: Chocolate Bourbon Oaked Cerberus-sian Imperial Stout

Brew Date:   July 6, 2013
ABV:   10.1%
Grain Bill:  
  • Caramel 60L
  • Blackprinz® Malt
  • Chocolate malt
  • Black malt
  • Pilsen LME
  • Summit
  • Cascade
Bottle Date:   September 28, 2013
Tasting Notes:

Dark as deep space. Strong as a Thresher Maw. Satisfying as kicking a Reaper's ass.

Whether you prefer the right trigger or the left, your inner SPECTRE has to agree both these brews are worth of sipping on the Presidium.