John Henry Eden's Presidential Honey Porter

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Beer Style:

  Porter (brewed from White House beer kit)
Brew Date:   March 16, 2013
ABV:   6.4%
Grain Bill:  
  • Briess Caramel 20
  • Briess Munich Malt
  • English Black Malt
  • English Chocolate Malt
  • Gold malt syrup
  • Nugget
  • Hallertau
Bottle Date:   April 7, 2013
Tasting Notes:

Dark as midnight with a warm, roasty aroma. Velvety, chocolately malt profile with a noticeable honey note, but balanced with a bitter bite from the darker malts and hops.

A tasty any-time brew that’ll make you stand, place a hand over your heart and pledge allegiance┬áto this beer.