Another Castle

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Beer Style:

  "Princess" Peach Saison
Brew Date:   August 2, 2013
ABV:   5.8%
Grain Bill:  
  • Honey malt
  • Château Biscuit®
  • Aromatic malt
  • Rye LME
  • Sparkling amber DME
  • Candi sugar (clear)
  • Nugget
  • Santiam
Bottle Date:   August 31, 2013
Tasting Notes:

Fermented on pureed Colorado peaches and seasoned with grains of paradise, ginger, orange peel and some fresh thyme. The result is a balanced, easy-drinking beer with lots of peach aroma and lots of funky saison esters.

Grants 1-UP to any Player 1 that drinks one.